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Interim Status Report on Office

Reopening (5-18-20)

Doctor Ryan and staff at Prospect Periodontal and Implant Center (PPIC) are committed to your health and safety, especially during this most difficult time throughout the course of the coronavirus pandemic. The CDC, ADA and the Illinois Department of Public Health have presented specific recommendations for preventing the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus which we have embraced and are implementing.

First, to minimize the potential for exposure to our practice and our patients,all patient calls to schedule appointments will be screened to establish the health status, including Covid-19. If a procedure such as surgery or scaling and root planning are being scheduled we request that quarantine and social distancing be strictly adhered to for 48-72 hours prior. This minimizes the chance of operating during the latent period (before symptoms appear) and will result in a better outcome for the patient.

Second, our office follows strictCDC sterilization and cleaning guidelines and utilize best practices per their recommendations. All instruments are sterilized according to specifications and the sterilizer is continuously monitored by an outside service contractor to ensure its effectiveness. Counter tops, fixtures and “high contact” objects that cannot be autoclaved are wiped down with professional grade EPA approved disinfectant solutions and covered with disposable wraps when possible. General cleaning and disinfecting of the office, including door knobs, counters, bathroom, etc. are performed throughout the day to ensure a sanitary environment. To this end we require all patients wear gloves and a face mask before entering our suite.

Further steps are being taken to minimize the creation of airborne pathogens. The water supply to our dental units are conditioned to minimize the generation of pathogenic aerosol. A special device has been added to our suction system to capture aerosol spray from the drill and ultrasonic units to reduce/minimize air borne particulate. Any remaining mist will be captured by our Extra Oral Suction machine, an exclusive from China, that will HEPA filter viruses and further treat with UV light. In addition to this, we now employ UV and ozone to treat the operatories after use. We are working with a HVAC contractor to install UV Ionic air purifiers into the duct work to ensure an air environment as aseptic as physically possible for any medical building short of a positive pressure air chamber surgical suite.

The staff and I will be using all the necessary and available PPE equipment during the course of your procedures. We have all taken the current refresher courses via webinars and email alerts during our shut down period to prepare for this new normal.

We look forward to servicing our patients under these new and improved conditions. However, we ask for your patience when it comes time to schedule, as it will be a little more challenging finding appointment times to allow for the increase time required for the visits. Please consider preparing your paperwork ahead of time, perhaps call the office ahead to handle that. This will help to minimize time in the waiting room in compliance with social distancing guidelines.

The above Interim Report is a work in progress and subject to change as this pandemic evolves. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 847-506-1144. Thank you.

Yours in Good Health,

Dr. Robert Ryan

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